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"Welcome to Bharat Ayurved Medical College,Hospital & Research Centre"

Ayurveda is a way of life that focuses on man and his illness. Positive health means metabolically well-balanced human beings. Ayurveda offers a complete system to live a long healthy life. It offers programs to rejuvenate the body through diet and nutrition. It offers treatment methods for conditions that have few modern treatments. It teaches man to become responsible and self-empowered.

The Bharat Ayurved Medical College and Research Centre was established to cultivate a culture of excellence in Ayurveda. Students are molded to bear the mantle of this ancient tradition of healing and are trained to eliminate illness through a holistic approach. With state-of-the-art facilities and unparalleled mentor-ship, the college provides the ideal environment for students to carry on the ancient tradition of Ayurveda.

"About Bharat Ayurved Medical College"

Who We Are...!

What We Do...!

College Profile

The College Building is well planned, Newly constructed, Earthquake Resistant Pollution Free and has lush Green Surrounding. The Class Rooms are constructed in a way to Accommodate 100 students at a time with full natural light and having modern Teaching aids as slides. Overhead Projectors, Computers, Mikes etc.

Hospital Profile

Hospital has seven different OPD’S VIZ-KAYA CHIKITSA, SHALYA, SHALAKLYA, STRI, PRASUTI, BALROGA, SWASTHA RAKSHAN, PANCHKARMA& YOGA, Dental Deptt, X-Ray, ECG, Pathology Lab. Operation Theatre and 24 hours Emergency services all are well equipped and maintained. At present  100 bed indoor capacity exits. A developing research laboratory fast coming up with researches and advancements in the field of Ayurved.


The hostel facilities are available for Boys & Girls separately in the College premise with Modern Parameters. The room of the Hostel are spacious and well furnished.


It has wide space for reading and learning amenities for staff and students separately with more than 10240 books with Magazines and Journals of Ayurved and Modern both

Laboratories & Museums

The Labs are well equipped with chemicals glass wares and modern amenities. The museums of first professional viz Anatomy, Physiology and Maulik Siddhant all are well furnish and equipped. A full flashed dissection room to dissect the cadaver (Dead Body’s) established in the college.

Pharmacy Profile

The college has a well established and equipped pharmacy in which The Ayurvedic Medicines are prepared through the Traditional Methods and techniques with fresh Raw Medicines.

Herbal Garden

More than 256 species and 1076 Medicinal plants with green house, Nakshatra Vatika & Navgrah Vatik.

Play Ground

An open land approximately more than One Lakh Sq Ft. which is being developed as a Play ground for outdoor games viz Cricket, Football, Vollyball & Hockey, besides this we also have a space for Indoor games viz table Tennis, bad Minton and others.

Teaching & Academic Profile

An experienced learned teaching staff according to NCISM Norms is appointed.


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