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Treatment of acute and chronic diseases by Ayurvedic treatment through specialty of Kaya- Chikitsa/Panchakarma, Yoga and Physiotherapy.
• Specific Treatment of Ano-Rectal problems such as Piles, Fissure & Fistula-in-Ano by Kshar sutra procedure.
• Special Antenatal care – Guidance based on ayurveda.
• Treatment of all gynecological disorders & infertility.
• Special Neonatal care based on ayurveda.
• Treatment and prevention of diseases through Yogic Sciences and Naturopathy.
• Well equipped Indoor Patient Department (I.P.D) having Special, Private and General wards.
• 24 hrs Ambulance facilities.
• Diagnostic Facilities:
1. X-Ray, ECG, Ultrasound
2. Computerized Pathology Lab based on bio chemistry & Hematology.

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Muzaffarnagar (U.P)-NCR